Monday, 1 August 2011


It's been a long week...the last two weeks actually.  So today, I just felt like getting a little glam'd up. I've worn this look before, it's nothing new but I always get SOOO many compliments on it, i decided to finally make a video for it.  That's right...I created a second channel - 'MissToniDaley' !

If you remember I put a video out a few months back asking my subscribers to vote on whether they wanted to see make up videos on my channel or not. Well after the votes were in, it was split 50/50!  That means half of you are just like me...girly girls, who love make up and clothes and shoes and accessories and just so happen to be natural :)  For you, i've created a second channel that will be geared towards
make up, fashion and vlogs with the boy.

click here to watch the make up tutorial:
Covergirl Quad - Coffee Shop
Black Gel liner
NYC lip color - Blue rose


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