Sunday, 7 August 2011

What ever happened with Miami??

So...What ever happened with that AmillionQueens Conference??

I've received so many questions about this.  I think people are dying to hear that some sort of drama went down but truth be didn't.  I simply changed my mind.  A lot of people keep saying they thought something was up because they had never heard of the company but I don't see that as being relevant because everyone has to start somewhere....

When AMillionQueens initially contacted me regarding the event, I was excited.  I think that the concept
of men supporting women who choose to live a natural lifestyle is an incredible thing.  The idea of an upscale
event promoting it sounded even better!  Who wouldn't want to be involved.  Initially I was asked if i wanted to be a part of it by presenting the information about the event to my subscribers, and attending the event to interact/mix/mingle etc.....I was all on board.

After about a month and a half of agreeing to work with them and uploading 2 videos presenting the information about the event on my Youtube channel, I was contacted by AMQ with some concerns that they had.  It seemed that although their tickets were selling....none of the sales were a result of the YouTube videos that had been uploaded.  It turned out that Youtubers was not leading
to the exposure they had hoped for.  So they hoped to turn things around a bit and asked if instead of simply presenting the information I would take a more proactive approach and sell tickets.  I was not interested. 

I don't blame AMQ at all for wanting to reach out to the Youtube natural hair community or wanting more of us involved because let's face it, we have a great supportive community.  However if you've been subscribed to me for a know that I only present information on my channel.   I never ask you to purchase, subscribe,rate, or comment.  I believe my job is just to put the word out and whatever you are moved to do from there is up to you.

So....I respectfully declined.  I still believe the event itself is going to be great with or without me and wish them much success in realizing their mission statement.

Since declining their offer of working with them further, I have sent a couple of friendly emails and inquiries to which i've received no response, no further communication on youtube or facebook, It's as if AMQ  is simply ignoring me now, so I guess that was not the answer they were looking for.

"Careful not to burn bridges, you just might need to cross back. "


  1. Wow...that didn't have to be like that with you.

  2. Toni, I knew I liked you but now I admire you. You got character & you're real. So glad you got this blog. Stay wonderfully YOU !

  3. OMGGGGGG TONIIII I'm gotta talk to you about this ASAP... I wanted to talk to you about it earlier but wasn't sure how involved you were but the truth is out. I am so HAPPY that I listened to my intuition. A womans' intuition is POWERFUL beyond words. When you're genuine things flow a lot better.

  4. I understand your point Toni. If you felt unconfortable selling tickets,then you have chosen the best solution. Thanks for the explanation.

  5. The way you handled this speaks volumes about your character. I love your channel, and I love your commitment to not trying to sell your subscribers anything, nor constantly asking for "thumbs up" or comments. Thanks so much for your honesty and class in explaining why you decided not be involved, because I was indeed curious!

  6. So, you are not the only one who has opted out of being a part of AMQ. From what I have heard from other fellow youtubers, there will no longer be an event period! That may explain why they never got back to you...just a speculation. I know nothing about the organization and only did research on the site about the event after hearing about it from several other youtubers, including yourself. Some remarks I have heard about the sudden cancellation have not been so friendly...I guess AMQ was a bit clue???


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