Saturday, 11 August 2012


I enjoy the ease of wash and go styles but rarely do them for a couple of reasons.
#1 The shape of my hair looks ridiculous
#2 Most wash and go type products leave me disappointed

That is....until now.

I cut my hair so my shape looks awesome if I do say so myself so I figured what better time to re-visit a wash and go then now!  You all may have seen the product review on the Curly Kinks line I posted in a previous blog post. (

I initially used the products for a twist out style.  The results were really cute but not quite how the product was intended to be used.  I was hesitant....i always am.  I have what I consider to be 4c hair which consists of coarse yet fine strands in a zig zag or "z" shaped pattern.  Since I don't have a natural coil, I need a product to clump my strands together to create the illusion of having a coily/curly look.  Unfortunately most products fail at doing so.  The popular Kinky Curly leaves my hair a frizzy matted sticky mess and although I've found that Ecostyler gel does a great job at clumping my hair, I have to use half a jar of it to do so.
So...with my newly shaped fro I decided to re-visit the Curly Kinks line for it's intended use.

 I was pleasantly surprised.  One of the things that I loved about the coil jam product was the amazing slip it has, because of that a little goes a long way so I didn't end up using buckets of product in my hair.

I cheated a bit because I didn't actually wash my hair.  I started with dry hair and working section by section, saturated it with water using a spray bottle.  I then applied the Satin Roots leave in and detangled with a wide tooth comb.  From there I applied the coil jam and raked it through with my fingers.

I'm so pleased with my results!  My kinks are nicely clumped together and I love the finished look.  It has a firm hold, dries clear and I wasn't left with sticky gooey feeling hair.  This will be my new duo for wash and go hair,  a product definitely worth a re-purchase.

Stay tuned for the video tutorial on

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                                                                (DAY 2 HAIR)


  1. Oh gheez! Now you tell me about the coupon code... Fabulous results with the product. "Like"

  2. Gorgeous!!!! I love it sis!!! The lippie and earrings are Fab along with it!!!! You look Beautiful sis!!! Thanx for sharing!!!!

  3. it looks fabulous. I wish I could do wash and hair looks really weird when it dries, so maybe I'll give this product a try.

  4. Curls of joy is having a 20% off pre-order sale on curlykinks this week.

  5. Love it! Your hair looks so shiny and awesome! And I love the red lips :)

  6. Ooh I love it, looks awesome! I still have not mastered the art of wash n go's because I usually have to way too much freakin product to get results! I may have to try this product though.

  7. Beautiful! Can't wait until my hair gets to the point I want for me to do wash n go's!

  8. Wow those earrings are really gorgeous, but even with the 15% off, it's not worth it considering the $5.00 shipping fee. But thanks again for mentioning the savings.

    1. 1) Yes they are gorgeous
      2) Worth is subjective.
      3) You can look up shipping rates on if you do not think they are accurate.
      4) I stand behind my work which is why I put my name on it. If stood behind your comment you would not have published it as anonymous.
      5) Your welcome

  9. Wow!! It is really pretty.


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