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Tips for Embracing Fine Natural Hair

When going natural the first thing most women think of first is how big and luscious their curls will be. Countless blogs and YouTube channels show naturalistas with beautiful manes with endless styling options. Natural hair is supposed to be full and big right?  Or….so many believe will be the case for every natural haired girl. In my own journey to rediscovering my hair I had forgotten an important component of the makeup of my mane…which is that I indeed have fine hair. When I first transitioned and then big chopped my fine hair was not something I considered into any styling equation. It wasn’t until my hair began to grow out of the teeny-weeny afro stage and into the awkward length stage that I noticed my hair didn’t quite look like other naturalistas I followed on social media. Here are a few tips from myself and other bloggers that I have come across on caring for fine natural hair.

Clean, product free hair

Choose Your Styles Wisely
Now I’m not encouraging any woman to compare her hair to anyone else’s. I believe that everyone’s hair is different, even if the differences are minimal. But hey let’s be honest, when you follow step by step someone’s tutorial for a specific style and it doesn’t pan out how you expected, it can be quite frustrating. Having fine hair has made me readjust my expectations. For me personally it seemed like no matter what products I used or the steps taken in the process the particular style never looked full enough. Through trial and error I have come to a better understanding of what works for my 4c fine hair. The route some fine haired naturals take, including myself as of 6 months ago, is to do wash n’ go’s or low manipulative protective styling. The wash n’ go’s promote curl definition and allow for little day to day maintenance in between restyling.  Also although a normal twist-out is not something that looks the best on me a flat twist-out actually gives my hair a fuller look and stretches my hair for length. Recently I came across an article by mee169 from the blog The Kink and I. Mee169 explains in the post her hits and misses when attempting to find what works for her natural fine hair. Mee169 mentions that Bantu Knot-Outs are her top pick for fine hair. She writes,

“One reason why this is number one on my list is that unlike the other styles I will mention, you don’t necessarily have to separate the curls you get in order to achieve a volumised look. The style in itself automatically does that for you, and so more often than not, you could separate the curls a little bit and then fluff the roots with an afro pick and you are good to go.”
She also mentions her second go to style as rod sets because they give the illusion of volume. This is not to say that twists, twist-outs, mini-twists, braids and braid-outs can’t be achieved but they may not result in the level of fullness or even fluffiness that you are looking for. Something also to consider is that if the proper preparation is not taken it could result in breakage over time. Some styles can prove to be too strenuous to fine hair strands. Because I have a combination of 4c and fine hair I would typically have to twist and then re-twist my hair nightly to achieve a look of curl definition on a twist-out for multiple days. The low manipulative protective styles allow the hair to be protected from the elements, and our pesky fingers, and also keep the hair put away for an extended amount of time before restyling.

Jojoba and peppermint oil

Don’t Forget Your Delicate Edges

It’s not just finding the right Go-To style that can be the issue. Sometimes getting the details of the style can be troublesome. Like slaying them edges girl! Although sleek edges are usually something most naturals go for I had to jump off that bandwagon when I began experiencing a lot of breakage to my fine strands. I have found that edge tamers and pomades are a No-Go. One of the popular formulas for growing back edges is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Many naturals swear by this, however I have not seen much difference in my own hair (maybe I need to throw on a pair of ruby red slippers, tap my heels together and chant “I wish my hair would… no? Too much?). A formula I believe to have found success with, when my edges decided to go on vacation, is a combination of jojoba and peppermint oil.  I can’t say 100 percent that this is what helped my edges return but I would like to say there is a strong possibility. Plus now instead of using pomades and edge tamers I lay my edges down with leave-in conditioner and then wrap my hair in a scarf for approximately 10 minutes. It’s not a super straight and sleek look but it can keep edges in-tact.

No Need to Be A Carbon Copy Natural

Find what works for you. The health of your hair should be most important. Always keep the basics in mind: regular deep conditioning, daily moisturizing, routine trims and low amounts of heat styling. The style of your hair should not outweigh the health of your hair. If you find a style that you and your hair can benefit from then stick with it. Doing what everyone else is doing is not always best.

Wash n’ go and two flat twists to the back protective style…ugghh those edges!

Don’t Throw In The Towel!

If you have fine hair remember that fine hair can be more susceptible to breakage. However that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to wander around the natural hair world tiptoeing around every hair style. Feel free to try new things but be aware of what works for you and what doesn’t. What styles give your hair life and what styles should be left for dead. Remember it is important to nurture natural hair. Give it what it needs to thrive.  Unsure about your hair width? Wondering if you too have fine hair? You can find more information on your hair width and how best to care for it on at

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