Monday, 9 July 2012

BeUnique HairCare Review

I have been dying to try out the BeUnique Haircare product line and finally got around to making my purchase.  This sister is based
in the UK but shipping is quick and reasonable.  All prices quoted are in GBP (pounds) You can use an online currency convertor if needed.

Shea Bliss Deep Conditioner - 16.95 7oz
This is an great moisturizing all natural deep conditioner.  My all time favourite deep conditioner is Hair Mayonnaise by Africa's Best which is a protein conditioner and is not natural that's why I was so surprised that i ended up liking this one so much.  I'm not a stickler for ingredients so I do enjoy cones in my conditioners and despite that fact I found the Shea Bliss very moisturizing and left my hair feeling great and springy!
I've also used it as a leave in which I love.  I twisted my hair up in big chunky twists overnight with it, although it offers little too no hold, it's great for moisture.  I had a big soft chunky fro the next day.

 Moisture Custard - 8.95 3.5oz
This product is a leave-in moisturizer.  I was impressed with the "slip" factor.  It glides on really easily.
For my coarse type 4 hair I do prefer something a bit heavier as my hair gets dry quite easily.  This was not enough on it's own so I would still layer this with a butter and/or oil particularly on 1st or 2nd day hair. Throughout the week however once my hair has some product build up I find that I really like this as a light everyday moisturizer.

Mango Twist - 8.95 3.17oz
My hair loves butter and this one is no exception.  It's so creamy and smooth and left my strands feeling
soft.  I spritzed my hair and moisturized before applying this product so it was not soaking wet but not completely dry and twisted overnight. My twist out was soft and fluffy with little to no hold.

Butta Shine - 12.95 3.17oz
This product has a great blend of unique butters and oils.  It is an ideal product for coating your hands/and or twists before your take down.  It also imparts an amazing shine.  For those of you who had asked me how to make your hair shine, this is a great product for that.  It seems similar to the product Hair Bling by Original Moxie.  This is my favourite product out of the entire line.  Although it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator I would suggest storing it in a cool dry place to avoid the product becoming very runny.

I hope this helps for those of you who have been researching and/or searching for a new natural product
on the market.

Happy Hair Care!



  1. What did you mean by "cones in your conditioner?" Just curious.

  2. She means silicones


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