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I had the pleasure of visiting this resort last year in November.  When I'm looking for a vacation spot I like to look of up reviews from other travellers that have visited the location so I'm hoping this might be helpful for someone.

The resort itself is sprawling, huge resort with 900 rooms but the way it is situated on such a huge amount of land you would never know it.  It feels very cozy and comfortable and even though I arrived when the resort was at full capacity, it never felt over-crowded.  You could literally stroll the beach and only pass a few other couples.  The resort has a few pools to choose from scattered around the resort, one heated and one with a swim up bar, all well kept as well.  The beach front areas are pretty small but well kept and not rocky, you can walk barefoot.  You can always find a lounge chair at some point but may have to get up early if you want a prime spot.  The rooms were beautifully decorated, clean and well kept with house-cleaning coming by 2 times a day.
I don't know if anyone else is like me but one of my biggest fears is seeing roaches or even worst...bringing one home!  This resort fumigates every night and houses a few resort cats and I am happy to say I did not see one roach or bug of any sort for that matter....it's like they didn't exist at all!

                                                       The entranceway

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  You will never be ignored by one.  No matter what time of day or night if you walk by an employee they will always greet you with a hello and a smile.  At the various restaurants you will be seated quickly and never wait long.  It feels like even though they only work there they have a genuine interest in making sure that you enjoy your stay.

The resort holds about 7 a la carte restaurants, 1 buffet and 1 snack bar as well as 24 hour room service.  I stayed in the preferred suites and reservations were not required but men are required to dress appropriately (no tanks, flip flops, dress shorts only)  The food at each one was amazing.   When we didn't feel like a sit down meal during the day our favourite spot was the snack bar in front of the beach.  It's a walk up counter where you can help yourself to hot dogs, nachos, patties, fritters, burgers, soda and beer.  They also have a buffet restaurant where the theme changes each night...it was good, but my least favourite out of all the other options.

You receive an itinerary each night with the following day's activities.  There is something to do each hour so there is never a "lull" in activities.  You don't have to do something all the time but when you feel like doing something...chances are there is something going on.  Everything from aquasize, dance lessons, beach volleyball, open market vendors, to a circus act.  At night there are two main spots which is the piano bar and the night club.  They have sing alongs and kareoke on various nights and then you can dance the night away at the night club until about 3am.

I love spending time in Jamaica, it's one of my favourite vacation spots but the resorts can vary.  I spent 10 days at this beautiful resort and this was my favourite vacation I've ever taken.  This is an adults only/couples resort, the average age I'd say was about 40 so it's definitely a relaxed and mature vibe. I went with my husband we both had an amazing time, met some great people and cannot wait to go back!


  1. This must be a sign!!! I've been stalking Secrets on tripadvisor, youtube and fb and I've decided that I really want to stay there for my bday. Glad u had a great time!

  2. Beautiful! My husband is jamaican born there raised in NY. But his parents both born and raised there. He has lots of family there. We hope to be going very soon. Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip :)looks like fun.


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