Wednesday, 14 August 2013


So it's your big day!  Congratulations!  There are many different styles you can achieve with your natural hair for the most casual weddings to the most formal.  The key is that you feel fabulous!  After all, it's your day :)

I got the great idea to do a Natural Hair Bridal Series from my friends over at, be sure to check out their Natural Hair Bridal Guide for more great tips and tricks:


Bridal Style #1

This is a very classic take on the roll tuck and pin style.  I achieved this look by starting on blowdried hair.  I sectioned the hair in 4 parts horizontally and rolled and pinned each section.  For the front piece I pinned it in a swoop bang for an elegant look.  I accessorized with good old dollar store flowers :)  May as well save some pennies because they look just as nice pinned in than any expensive hairpiece.

Bridal Style #2

You can't really get more classic than the bun.  This is such an easy style to achieve.  It's simply a bun positioned slightly to the side with 4 loose twists pinned in the front.  I used a donut/sock bun to achieve my full bun but if you have thick long hair you can easily skip that part.  I loosely rolled 4 pieces in the front and pinned them back, covering them with you guessed it....a flower from the dollar store :)

Bridal Style #3

I couldn't have a natural hair bridal style series without a signature fro.  The key is that you want to feel fabulous on your day and if you feel fab in your fro then rock your fro girl!  I achieved this big fluffy fro with a blow out, used edge control for a sleek hairline and accessorized with an antiqued headband.

If your a more visual person be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for full video tutorials on each of these styles.



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