Saturday, 14 December 2013


I can't believe it's been a 2 years since I posted my very first "Sistah Owned Haul" on Youtube!  I'm back with another one including a giveaway of goodies for 2 of my supporters.

I was inspired by the camaraderie that I felt in the Youtube natural hair community and wished that it translated to "real life" if you will.  I decided to try and spread that same feeling of support that black women so often lack.  We seem to be so easily bothered by seeing each other trying to do well for ourselves.  We get excited to see a Forever21 sale message in our email inbox but are irritated to see one of us trying to promote our new product and/or service. ( I use Forever21 often as an example because it's a popular business we are all familiar with, not because I have a problem with Forever21!)

Anyhoo, be sure to check out the latest Sistah Owned Haul video to lean about some awesome products.  I feature some bath and beauty products, tshirts and even a children's book.

Be sure to subscribe to both of my Youtube channels and leave a comment on the video for your chance to win your own sistah owned prize pack :)



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