Sunday, 16 March 2014

#60days Island Connoisseur Contest Entry

I'm a corporate 9-5er a business owner, jewelry designer, wife, blogger, vlogger and a self proclaimed social media junkie!  With Twitter, Instagram, 2 Facebook pages + 1 Facebook fan page, not 1 but 2 YouTube channels and even though I haven't quite figured out yet…even a Pinterest!

What would I do to fill my time if it wasn't for social media!  I love connecting with people and sharing the many things I come across while out and about.…it's not only my favourite pastime, it just comes naturally!

My husband and I are also resort lovers as you can see from my many reviews posted over the years from our previous trips:

I love sharing, I love resorts and well…I'm just plain loveable! Don't believe me, check out the comments on this video: :) 

What more could you possibly want.  It seems to me, this was meant to be!

See you in T&T!


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Hi, I'm Toni. A natural hair enthusiast, blogger and jewelry designer who enjoys experimenting with all things hair and beauty. I hope to share a bit along the way. :)