Sunday, 15 November 2015


Twists-outs are not a style choice I venture into often. However, I am determined to use up my product stash. Yes you know what I am talking about. The “product stash” which is filled with gifted products, borrowed and never given back products and the ones that you swore you couldn’t wait to try but somehow you never got around to it products. Several of the products in my stash are better for cleansing, some for conditioning and others for styling. I decided to use a styling product so I could switch up my style for a minute and to be honest I wasn’t feeling my usual wash n’ go. So twist-out it is! I grabbed Beautiful Texture Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème and gave it a chance.

Product States:
Soften and nourish curls, silken waves, elongate kinky coils and tame frizzies.

My Hair Type:
In the “4” family. Yes…all the 4’s…all on one head!

My Process:
After washing, detangling and applying my leave-in of choice (Kinky Curly Knot Today) I parted and sectioned my hair into the direction I wanted my hair to fall. I then applied approximately a nickel sized amount of product to my hand and worked it onto my fingertips. I applied the product to my hair (working within the sections) and massaged it in, making sure to get a gracious amount onto my ends. I did this whole process on slightly damp hair.
The next morning I checked to make sure my hair was completely dry and then proceeded to undo my flat twists. I used a few drops of coconut oil on my fingertips and slowly unraveled the twists. I fluffed and filled in the parts where needed.

My Thoughts:

Product Look, Scent and Texture – The product was a cream color and had the consistency of a thick conditioner. It spread through my hair smoothly and with very little resistance. There was a minimal amount of white residue but that disappeared quickly once it began to absorb into my hair. The scent was delightful and very similar to the Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner.

Results – I have to say from using a moisture butter alone I was quite impressed. My hair was very well defined. The places I had frizziness were the places I could tell I forgot to apply product to. The twists were well defined and the twist-out lasted for three days. I will say that I did switch up my hair a tad each of those three days, due to shrinkage. It probably would have lasted longer but I chose to wash my hair a little sooner than I normally would. The product rinsed clean from my hair with no buildup left behind. I definitely would recommend this product if you are looking for definition in your styles.

Keshia Whitelaw

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