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When the natural hair movement began most naturalistas had to resort to making their own products for their hair because most major hair companies were not yet hip to the fact that that women of color were boldly rocking their natural textures. As time passes many companies have begun to pay attention to what consumers, which is you and I, want. Or better yet, what we the consumers are spending our dollars on. As you may have noticed the beauty supply and big chain store shelves are filling up with more products dedicated to curly hair and natural textures. MOTIONS® threw its hat into the natural hair ring some time ago with products including, but not limited to, styling creams, deep conditioning masques and moisturizing cleansers. Yes MOTIONS®, the same company that promised you and I well-conditioned, beautiful, silky straight hair all enclosed in a smart marketing-heavy box. As it is with most big-named haircare line products I was a bit hesitant to try any of the products but thinking it over I decided to try the MOTIONS® Pre-Wash Detangling Butter.

Product States:
Melts into each hair strand providing deep penetrating moisture and instant tangle release. Infused with Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado Oils, this ultra-moisturizing butter smoothes over each strand to provide the ideal slip and softness to promote less hair breakage.

My Hair Type:
In the type “4”, kinky and coily family.

My Process: 
The instructions state to add the butter to dry hair but I refuse to apply any product to my hair without adding a little bit of water to my hair first. I know, that’s very hard-headed of me. So I gave my hair a light spritzing of water and then parted it into four sections in preparation. I then made smaller sections within the four sections and applied the butter. I made the smaller sections to ensure thorough detangling. I initially used my fingers for detangling but then followed up with a wide tooth comb. I had my normal amount of shedding at the end of the process. Once I was done I then continued my wash day routine by following up with a shampoo, deep conditioning treatment and then a leave-in conditioner and styler.

My Thoughts:
Product Look, Scent and Texture – The detangling butter looked similar to most conditioners. The butter was very creamy with a lot of slip. Slip refers to how malleable the product is when it is worked throughout the hair. There is a light coconut and almond scent to the butter.
Results – Overall, the product did what is stated it would do. The slip of the product allowed my wide toothed combed to glide through my hair with ease. I felt the product worked well. If you are strict about what products you put on your hair this may not be the product for you. The label states shea butter as being one of the main ingredients. However, if you look at the ingredients label shea butter is lower on the list. Which means that there is a lot less shea butter in this product than the label would lead you to believe. Ingredients lists have to list the ingredients from most dominant to least dominant. If you’re willing to be light-hearted about your products then this product is worth purchasing for your detangling needs.

Have you tried this product? Have you tried any of Motions® Natural Hair Line? Make sure to comment.

Keisha Pavey


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