Friday, 11 March 2016


I cannot be the only one who has the worst luck with nail polishes. I see the prettiest color on the shelf and have to have it. I have to capture this beautiful hue and paint it on my nails and make sure I, along with everyone else, can see its magnificent allure. Anywhere from $1.75 to $9.25 later and my nails are magnificent. Then less than 48 hours later…there it is. Putting an end to all my nail vanity. A chip. A nick. A scratch. Whatever you call it, it is frustrating to no end. I think most women, or at least the ones of us who enjoy prettying-up our nails, hate when our nail polish chips too easy. In addition many of us don’t have the time to touch-up our nails daily to keep them looking great. The alternatives to this have been to apply a really good (AKA expensive) topcoat at most twice. Or to apply a base coat, followed by polish and then finish with a good topcoat. Or the alternative that has gained popularity over the last 5 years or so, is the use of a gel polish. Gel polish is advertised a lot in nail salons and spas. However, as with most services it can hit your wallet. In addition to that you have to leave your home and visit a salon or purchase your own UV lamp. To be honest neither are convenient. Being a woman who loves adorning her nails with color I had almost given up on the idea of having painted nails until recently. I was pleasantly intrigued by the new gel polish line from Sally Hansen named the Miracle Gel. I copped a few shades to decide how I felt about it.

How It Works: 

The Miracle Gel is claimed to be the first-ever part-lacquer, part-gel manicure system. You should be able to apply the nail lacquer (polish) to your nail. Wait 5 minutes. Then apply the salon gel as a top coat. Then wait 15 minutes. Your nails are not ready until you apply the gel top coat. The gel top coat is activated by natural light and does not need the typical UV/LED lamp.

The Verdict: 

The experience was very simple to use. I trimmed, shaped and cleaned my nails before application. Then I followed the simple instructions. The experience is exactly like the ordinary application of nail polish. However, the drying time is shorter. My nails were 100 percent dry in less than 20 minutes. Did the polish last? Yes it did. I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating but trust me I’m not exaggerating when I
say that typically nail polish doesn’t make it more than 48 hours on my nails without chipping. This gel system lasted past the 48 hour mark and still looked good. I tried a few of the shades available and had the same result. When I was ready to change to a new shade, I used my non-acetone nail polish remover and the polish came off easily.

Final Thoughts: 

My experience with this product was good. I have no complaints. I purchased my polishes and gel topcoat from Target. I have also seen them in CVS and Wal-Mart. The price point for a single polish is typically up to $8.00. In most stores you can buy the set, which includes a polish color and the gel topcoat for a good deal. If you love to paint your fingernails and toenails then I would recommend trying this product.

Keisha Pavey


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