Wednesday, 13 July 2016


My husband purchased a 75 Datsun 280Z for his birthday and decided to spruce it up a bit.  We love supporting local businesses so searched for a classic car shop in our area to take it to.
After locating Scott's Custom Classics we paid him a visit, met Jay Scott himself who was very friendly and advised he could do all the requested paint and body work for $4500 in 1.5 weeks.  We left a $2500 deposit and the car.

Unfortunately a week and a half later no work had been done to the car.  He said he would be giving it to his “paint guy” that day and it would be done in another week and a half.  So 3 weeks total we should have our car back.

3 weeks turned into 11 weeks.  We found out that he didn’t give it to his paint guy he actually handed the car off to a different shop for a “cut”.   He said the work was done but the car would not be released until a further $3000 was handed over.  We gave him the money and the car still was not done. 

A week later (now into the 12th week) and we finally get the car back.  The paint job was shitty, with runs on the lower half of the frame and over spray from another paint job!  

The rear tail light did not work. 
The temperature gauge did not work. 
The fan did not work. (All in perfect condition when the car was dropped off)   
The car had extensive water damage on the inside from being left outside in the rain with the windows down.  A “classic” car shop that leaves a classic car in the rain to rot is unacceptable!

We were done; we took the car home and did not want to deal with Jay Scott anymore.  We decided to take it elsewhere for a professional cleaning and repairs.  We thought that we were finally over the whole ordeal.

3 days later we received an invoice from Jay Scott for $450.  Remember we had already paid $1000 in excess of our initial quote!  So we asked what any customer would ask for, a receipt detailing what the costs were for as well as proof of the payment he had already received.  

He not only refused to give us a receipt or proof of payment but has threatened to send the “outstanding balance” to collections if payment is was not received within 1 hour.

So after giving him 12 weeks, he gives us 1 hour to make a payment on something that he refused to tell us what was for or what our $5500 had exactly covered.

If you are interested in getting a crappy paint job, mediocre body work, a lot of excuses, ripped off and your time and money wasted than this is the shop for you.

Scott's Custom Classics
200 Fuller Rd 
Ajax, Ontario L1S7G9


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  2. Dirty dirty dirty smdh. So sorry Toni and The Boy that this happened to you guys. You two are such good honest people. Hopefully, this review will help the next person from wasting time & money. So sad. Devinn W.


  3. Someone,some time down the line will do them wrong ten fold and they will be left wondering why. He should be ashamed of himself.


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