Thursday, 27 April 2017

New Pantene Gold Series

We’ve all seen it. Artists reinvent themselves all the time. The biggest and most notable artist in the past decade would have to be Lady Gaga. Every album is a new opportunity to introduce one of her many personas. Same Gaga just a different outfit. I guess it should come as no surprise when we see product lines doing a little bit of the same.

Pantene is a well-known hair care company. They have a large quantity of products available. The idea is that they have something for everyone. The recent addition to their arsenal is the Pantene Gold Series. I noticed the promotion of these new items on social media. When I initially saw the advertisements, I was like, “here we go, another one”. Yes, I felt like this was another large hair care brand that was targeting the natural hair community for profits only. I decided to dig a little to see if this was much of the same. 

* Pantene and Natural Hair… Sounds Familiar 

This is not the first-time Pantene has thrown their hat into the natural hair arena. If you remember a few years ago Pantene introduced their Truly Natural products. You can still find these products on the shelves of the larger chain department stores. I’m not sure why Pantene made the decision to create a new line instead of improving on the one they already had that was targeted towards natural hair. I can’t help but feel a little déjà vu with these new items. Some of the most notable products they now have are a leave-in detangling milk, a repairing hair mask and a hydrating butter cream.

* Worthy of a Second Chance? 

I’ll admit I have yet to try the new products from the Pantene Gold Series, but from my experience trying the Truly Natural product line years ago I am not in a hurry to buy these new additions. The Truly Natural products did little to care for my 4c kinks and curls. But there is always a chance that the team at Pantene got it right this time. So, I am slightly optimistic that they have made a more educated effort to formulate products that will truly work for natural hair and meet the needs of various natural hair types.

Have you tried any of the Gold Series? Comment below and let us know.


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