Thursday, 18 August 2011


I'm sitting in my sister's apartment watching her work on a client.  She's a loctician in Toronto.  She has a full thick head of sister locs loosely tousled on top of her head looking intricately styled even though unintentional....her client has waist length thick locs that move so effortlessly with every turn of his head.  Her daughter is here too, just out the shower with freshly washed bra strap length locs, dark black and glistening....patiently awaiting her turn in the loc chair. 

                                                                            My niece
My hair?  It looks cute today...freshly washed and moisturized...feeling extra soft and bouncy.  I love what is on my why do I feel that tinge of jealousy each time one of them leans over to show me something and their locs fall slowly elegantly over one eye as if for that moment everything is in slow motion!  Maybe it's equivalent to my penis envy?  I mean I'm completely happy with the genetalia that God blessed me with don't get me wrong, but am I the only one that has ever wanted to be able to write my name in the snow?  Ok, I digress.

                                                     My sister:

The longer I am on this natural journey of mine, the more I fall in love with my hair but it would be nice to wake up pretty.  Loose natural hair looks absolutely fierce when it's done....I don't think there is much competition there in my opinion but let's face it..bed hair is just not that cute.  If you prepare it the night before your stuck with Celie braids and if you don't prepare it the night before you wake up looking like a weird cross between Marge Simpson and Cosmo Kramer.   

Let's not forget the cat calls from potential suitors.  I've become accustomed to the inevitable "What's up shorty, let me holla at you for a minute"  Seriously...has that ever worked for you?  *sigh*  Just once an 'empress' or 'queen' would be nice.

Will my journey eventually lead to loc-dom?  maybe...who knows.  But for now, I'll get my fill with kinky twists.


  1. First... great article... I just envy anyone with hair :(

  2. I get it too but I have it for twa's, my hair is shoulder length and yeah I'm tired of the ceelie braids LOL. I miss the short sassiness of nicely cropped do! I had some loc envy too but after starting some , laziness kicked in when it was time to retwist them. I let those dreams go up in smoke with the take down of them after 2 months. LOL.


    I have been researching and researching locs for like a week now thinking that I want them. Unfortunately my pockets and patience tell me that sisterlocs are a no-no for me... but I was leaning towards braidlocs. I think I'm still atleast a year or more from this but I really was thinking about it.

    It's still an option, I think locs are gorgeous!

  4. I am totally there with you! I love how locs look and I'm always going back and forth but...if I get them I think I will wait for my hair to be longer. I really want them but I kinda think as soon as I get them I will miss my hair lol, I guess it's the whole "grass is greener" thing lol

  5. Hmmm... I cannot imagine you with locs. Would you start from scratch? I was dying at the analogy you made about the bed head, celie braids and twist. It is what it is I guess. For me as long as th crap is healthy. But your sis's locs are to die for. The dress was not hippiish just something from the 80's disco era. I like it. I bet you got a lot of headturns

  6. i wonder DAILY whether to transition to locking my hair...! and your analogy to cosmo kramer mixed with marge simpson is SOOO TRUE (and hilarious)!!! sometimes i stick a silk bonnet over mine, but i still look weird, like i have a big maybe one day i'll cross over to "locs"


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