Monday, 22 August 2011


Last week while I was out enjoying my favourite passtime (shopping)  I came across a great deal on some super cute hair accessories!  I was in a store called Ardene's which is an accessory store...very similar to Claire's.  They had an entire wall of stuff that was 5 items for $10. 

Accessories are great for days when you are bored with your hair, want a different look or even to disguise bad hair days.

    I wanted to share a few of my favourite pieces here but stay tuned to my second channel, MissToniDaley for the complete haul and giveaway!


  1. do u listen to tamar-kali? she's a really awesome singer and she styles her hair a lot like your third picture. beautiful!

  2. really? no, i haven't heard of her before...i will have to look her up!

  3. Toni.. you are awesome.. the accessories look fab... Good haul.. :)

  4. ah, i luv the third style. gotta get the nerve up to make a vid pictorial so i can enter your u-tube contest :)


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