Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dirty Shrunken Hair MAKES THE BEST PUFFS!!

You ever notice that you get the most compliments on your hair when it needs to be done?  I always get the most compliments on my puff and even questions about how I accomplish it. Typically after washing my hair I keep it stretched by twisting or braiding it up in big sections with a thick butter overnight.  This makes it easy to manipulate and style throughout the week.

That's an ideal situation.  If i'm lazy which is most of the time, I go to bed as is and my hair gets a chance to shrink and become compacted.  Instead of trying to manipulate it as it shrinks I typically just smooth the edges and throw it in a puff.  After a couple days of doing that my hair is tight and full of product and it just seems to make my puff just get better and better with age. 

                                                              Day 3 twist out puff

                                                             Day 4 wash and go puff

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