Sunday, 9 October 2011

I could never wear an afro to work.......

I hear a lot of women complain that they would go natural if it weren't for their jobs.  I've over heard a lot of comments and even had a few directed towards me such as:

"I love your hair!  My field is too professional to wear that, but it looks great on you!" 
"Your so artsy and afrocentric...I could never wear an afro to work"

The thing I don't understand is...whoever said you have to wear an afro to work?  Afro texture does not equal afro.  An afro is a hair style...afro textured hair, can be styled any way you like.  That's the beauty of it.  So when I met a subscriber at the Toronto Natural hair show who asked me to do a professional style series I jumped right on it!  .
I truly believe that Natural hair is exactly what you make it.  Whether you want to make it professional, funky, sexy, carefree or a hot mess.  The choice is really yours.
Please tune into my youtube channel to see a full tutorial for ideas on professional natural hair styling for each day this week.
Happy Hairstyling!


  1. I wear an afro to work. All week this week. Why couldn't one wear an afro to work? Keep it neat and clean and adjust the size to your environment.

    Thanks for options.

  2. Hi there I wanted to know how you stretched your hair for these styles?

  3. I love these styles!!! I think natural hair is professional, natural hair is all of what we make it.

  4. I LOVED this series on youtube! It was great. All of the looks were beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Yes I was hired for a high end financial corporation wearing slim-down twist-out (didn't make puffy just kept i defined) and got a year contract. I also wore a number of natural up styles and buns to work which works perfectly. The only style that may have raised a few brows was the twists, because of my texture it easily looks like dreads if not done fresh in what I call the double twist method. Now I am working and a Design firm so creative styling as far less limits

  6. i got hired wearing an afro. it's all in what you make it. i keep mine groomed very well.


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