Monday, 24 October 2011

You can find me in da club...

I had a full make up tutorial and ootn (outfit of the night) video recorded and then accidentally deleted all the footage!  Argh...hate when that happens.  I did manage to salvage a couple of pictures, so here is the look I ended up with for Saturday night out with the girls....
Denim shorts - Forever21 $7.99
Shoes - $19.96
Clutch - Stitches $3

Hair, Lajay half wig by Vanessa collection - Beauty Supply Store $39.99
Earrings - Gift (part of winnings from Borderhammer talent contest)

Blazer - Target Apparel $10
Graphic tank - Target Apparel $10


  1. Aw to bad you lost th footage I am sure it wa "HAWT". The outfit and hair are banging. From Lilsisa427 on the YT!

  2. beautiful as usual, go Toni!


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