Saturday, 10 December 2011

OMG, I love this stuff!

I've had this product sitting in my cupboard for months but have so much other products I was working on using up.  I finally got around to using it tonight and OH-EM-GEE. 

I actually have been wearing my hair in a puff for about 4-5 days so it was super tangled and shrunken.  I was way too tired to wash it but I knew I had to moisturize and detangle to keep it pliable and avoid breakage.  I spritzed my hair with a spray bottle of plain water and then applied the Hawaiin Silky 14-in-one moisturizer

                                      I purchased this product for $6.99 from my local beauty supply store

I used my wide tooth comb and was able to detangle and glide through my hair easily!  Once detangled I twisted my  hair up in large sections.  The twists are plump, smooth and soft. 

This will definitely be going into the staples product pile.


  1. TONII!!!! I have been looking for something to moisturize my hair with this cold weather because my hair is getting SUPER dry! I think I will get this one. I hear a lot of good stuff about it

  2. I might revisit this product. I used it on my Mother's hair for a long time and it worked well with her.

  3. This is my #1 staple as well.
    It makes my afro-kinky 4z texture smooth/manageable like buttah.

    I also, love their brand of gel activator (it is orange in color)instance moisturzer/slip/shine.

    *also try taliah waajid - protetive mist bodifier similiar to the hawaiian silky 14-1.

  4. Thank you for directing me here, Toni! I asked about a moisturizer on your Youtube channel, I think this could work! I'll be at the BSS tomorrow and let you know how my summer hair likes it :)

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply...I hope you were able to find it!


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