Monday, 2 April 2012

LOREAL Re-Nutrition Deep Conditioner

For the past week my hair has been feeling extra dry due to the use of hairspray at a natural hair photoshoot that I took part in.  I had an extreme and fierce frohawk that was totally worth it but now I have to get my hair back to normal.

So I head to my trusty stash of product under my bathroom sink and......out of deep conditioner?!??!  How the heck does a product junkie run out of product! lol.  At this point it's late and the beauty supply store is closed so I head to the drug store which is 24 hours to see what I can find.

Strolling down the hair product aisle I stop when I see sale stickers and decided to pick up this product.
Regular 6.99 and marked down to 3.99 I decided to give it a shot.  The product smells like regular conditioner...nothing spectacular.  The texture was surprisingly thick...thicker than most deep conditioners that I'm used to.  The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is unrefrigerated margarine?  I really liked the slip...smoothed on easily and I was able to finger detangle no problem.

Product claims: Royal Jelly is an extract derived from nature and has been widely recognised as a ‘cure-all’ for many centuries. Ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Romans recognised the healing benefits of bee by-products.
Royal Jelly, nature’s superfood concentrate for the queen bee, conditions hair with the most essential nutrients leaving hair soft with high-gloss finish. It contains more than 10 essential nutrients, including : glycose, proteins, lipids, vitmamin-B, oligo-elements, animo acids, minerals, etc.

Typically these products are not really marketed towards us...and by us I mean women with naturally kinky coily hair which is why I wanted to do this quick review.  I really like it...i'd buy it again for 3.99 but not full price, only because the size is 300ml so I was only able to get 2 treatments out of it.

Other than that 2 thumbs up!


  1. Need to know where you found this Ms.Daley? A few of us wanted to try it.

    Great review.

  2. Thank you! I got it at shopper's drug mart on sale but i've seen it at wal-mart too.

  3. Hi, I just discovered your youtube videos and this blog. Thanks for all the tips. I went natural without consciously making the decision. I moved to England for uni and braided my hair as it was easier. Four years later and I haven't permed it but I have just done protective styles. I've been wanting to know how to style my own hair with no extensions and your videos have been very helpful.

    1. Hi hun! Sorry for the late response, i've been completely neglecting my blog lately! I'm so glad you find the vids helpful, I absolutely love doing them :) You went natural the same way I did! By accident!


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