Thursday, 10 May 2012

Listening to us or jumping on the bandwagon?

I get really confused when I hear naturals complaining about the very thing
they complained about a "lack of" earlier.

-"I'm so tired of not being able to just pick up natural hair products at the drugstore.
Why can't more companies cater to natural hair?"

-"I'm so tired of seeing all these new product reviews, why do all these companies have
to jump on the natural hair bandwagon now?"

-"We need more representation in media. I'm tired of advertisers
only using straight haired models in magazines"

-"Did you see that new ad? Don't they know not all naturals have type (insert texture here) hair?"

I mean....what do we really want?

Well, I for one love all of it.  I could care less if companies are making natural hair products
for the love of it or for the money.  Let's face it, we are going to spend it anyway.

And the ads.....the ads are my favourite part :)
I get excited, I do a little dance inside when I pass one.  I'm not sure If there are more natural hair ads now or
if I just notice them more now...but here are a few of my faves that I passed by today.






  1. Toni you are right. I don't get it either. I couldn't care less about the companies. I am thrilled in fact that I have variety to choose from (Well not in Saskatoon.. Maybe when I move :D) I have a friend who was complaining that now everybody is jumping on the natural hair bandwagon (too many gals becoming natural). Isn't that just nuts?!!! As for the ads, my Caucasian pals know how happy I am when they feature natural gals. When I am in the kitchen cooking and an ad featuring a natural is on TV, they will be like "Linda! another natural gal!!". So cute!

    Much love Tony..

    1. It seems like you and I definitely think alike! The ads make me happy :) I think I will keep snapping and posting pics.

  2. You are soo on point! Since last fall I have been keeping my eyes on the "posters" that the differet stores in different locations have been putting on display. I have been documenting and taking pics and what I have noticedand learned is surely n eye opener. As for the hair products, some of the companies are jumping on the bandwagon and just throwing suff in bottles and containers. But I firmly believe they will have their "feelers" out there to see the market reaction, comments etc and may tweek products or come up with products that sit well within the natural hair community.
    From your You Tube subby prettiuneekhair.

  3. I've noticed the ads featuring more naturals too, and I love it! I wish it was like that when I was a child because maybe the feeling of perming my hair to fit in, wouldn't have been there.

    It's important for our little girls and young ladies to see, accept and love their natural beauty and seeing it represented is a step in that direction.

    Nice post! Great idea to continue posting natural ads, inspiration is always a good thing. :)

  4. OMG, Could you be more right! I <3 it too! I look for the ads since I became natural and product reviews are very useful! When the demand becomes high then companies change who they market to! Ethnic women are of the most influencial people in the world!


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