Thursday, 12 January 2012

Naturalli Beautiful

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a lot of subscribers from this year's Toronto Natural Hair show.  One of which was Duffcola, new to video making on YouTube.  I remember she was rocking the cutest twist just looked really fluffy and soft and defined so I had to ask her about what she used.  I was surprised to hear that she had her own product line.  I decided to check it out!  (I paid for the products with my own money.)


First up was the miracle moisturizer and hair growth oil.  My hair really enjoyed the mix of oils in this product.  It does however have a very strong herbal scent...reminiscent of the ayurvedic oils on the market.  I decided to use it as a pre-poo treatment as I didn't want the scent lingering with me all day.  I saturated my hair with it, slapped on a plastic baggy and then a towel to lock in the heat for about a half hour.  My hair felt super smooth after rinsing it out and it felt great on my scalp too.  I finished washing, conditioning and detangling with no problem.

Once my hair was clean, I applied a light leave in and moved on to the main event.  The Miracle Hair Moisturizing butter.  This was the product she had mentioned using in her hair for her amazing twist out.  I grabbed medium sections of hair, applied the butter and two strand twisted my hair with it.  This product thankfully does not have that intense herbal scent the oil does so it was pleasant to leave in my hair.  It was however on the greasy side.  I left "halos" on every couch I got up from...kind of like a scene out of Coming to America, lol.  Since I had nothing on the agenda I ended up keeping my hair twisted up for 2 days.

I must say however, that I ended up with a pretty badass twist out.  The exact things I thought about hers were true for mine...fluffy, soft, defined and full.  Although I do wish the product was a little more creamy than greasy, I do absolutely love the results it gave me.

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  1. Love your twist out and the cross earrings!

  2. Toni I will try and remake it. My hair is very dry so that's the reason for the greasiness lol. Thanks so much for this thou. I was googling my Naturalli Beautiful and found this. I never knew about it. Your hair looked absolutely amazing thou ;)..Also the oil scent I have improved on hehehehe :D


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